Achieving Your Goals

If you’re starting or already running a business, then you’ll know how important goals are to your success.

Being in business isn’t just about making money. There’s a whole load more to it than that.

Where Do You Want To Go – And How Are You Going To Get There?

Being an entrepreneur is like being a traveller setting out on a journey.

You have to know where you want to get to with your business.

What do you want to achieve?  What’s your mission? What’s your purpose?

You need to have a vision, a good reason for being in business over and beyond making money and earning a living.

For example wanting to provide a better product or service than the competition and to make a real positive difference.

And you have to have a plan for getting to where you want to go. The old saying “we don’t plan to fail, we only fail to plan” holds true.

You have to know how you are going to reach your goal and the tasks you have to carry out along the way.

It’s Essential To Take Action

In business and life in general we can talk about things, dream, and plan as much as we like.

But without taking action we won’t get to see any results.

Yet procrastination is the great enemy of business people everywhere.

There are a whole load of reasons why people put off taking action.

It can be due to a desire for perfection.

It can be because of uncertainty, or lack of sufficient motivation.

Or because you’re not convinced your planned action is the right one.

Things are never perfect. We just don’t have the time to try and be perfect.

So the most important thing is to get started. Then once you are underway, you can fine tune and improve as you go.

Overcoming Obstacles Along The Way

Overcoming obstacles is practically the definition of being an entrepreneur.

One thing you can be certain of is that you’ll encounter problems and obstacles in your business career.

Just when you think you’ve solved all the problems and got over all the hurdles, new obstacles and problems suddenly appear.

A lot of business is actually problem-solving.

I’ve encountered plenty of obstacles in my business to date. Not necessarily large ones, but mostly things that have been getting in the way, things that need resolving one way or another.

Again, you don’t have to aim for perfection. If there’s an obstacle in the road, just drive round it, keep going, and sort it out later.

“Sleep on it” can also be excellent advice. Let your sub-conscious mind go to work on the obstacle while you get on with something else.

That’s why people often do things like go for a walk when they have a problem at hand that needs a solution.

It’s often the case that something which blocked and stumped you yesterday suddenly becomes crystal clear next day. You look back later and wonder why you ever considered it a problem in the first place.

And all too often much of the frustration we encounter is caused by just one or two single problems or issues.

Often the most effective way to handle that problem is to identify that single cause. Then you can deal with it.

Problems and obstacles can be caused by external events – such as market conditions, poor marketing, wrong product and so on.

And they can also be caused by internal conditions within ourselves. Such as lack of confidence, doubt about our ability, and so on.

And all too often we make excuses

Excuses, Excuses…

Excuses are most often The Big Cover Up.

There’s something we hold back from doing – whether it’s because of lack of confidence, or know-how, or fear.

And all too often, it’s this cover up which is the biggest obstacle to our making the big step forward in our business and our life that we want.

As a life coach I help entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles that are holding them back in their business.

One of the greatest benefits of life coaching comes from being able to make yourself accountable.

Make Yourself Accountable

Practically all entrepreneurs find their action-taking improves when they have a system of accountability in place for themselves.

When you yourself are the boss as an entrepreneur, this can give you a sense of freedom.

But it also makes it much easier for you to duck issues and avoid performing the tasks you need to carry out to bring your business forward.

If you have someone – a business partner or maybe a life partner to whom you can report and who is willing to monitor your progress as you go, then this can help in ensuring you take action you need to take.

The problem is, this isn’t always so easy to arrange. And often it’s the case that life partners don’t really understand your business activity.

In this case a life coach can be a great help. In fact, one of the most common reasons people seek the assistance of a coach is to help them with accountability in their business.

Coaching For Entrepreneurs

I provide regular online coaching for entrepreneurs to give them accountability and to help them define their goals, take action – and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or launching a start-up, then I can help you achieve the goals you need to make your business and your life a success.

For more information about how I can help you in your business get in touch via the contact link.

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